Oriental Computer Systems

Connecting People and Businesses Through Technology

Oriental provides advanced cloud-based technological solutions combined with client-network installed solutions. The company employs technological experts of the highest caliber, with knowledge of a wide range of technologies.

Our Mission

Oriental has set itself the goal of allowing its clients to focus on continuous business activity while incorporating advanced technological tools that will help them make their ongoing work more efficient. Oriental’s experts apply solutions and maintain the computerized environment while emphasizing client needs and increasing their efficiency. Oriental’s expertise in incorporating cloud-based solutions with local solutions allows us to tailor the best possible solution for our clients.

Our Services

Cloud Services

In recent years, the incorporation of cloud-based solutions has become more accessible, on-hand and affordable for organizations, allowing availability and sustainability. We at Oriental specialize in cloud computing and provide a range of cloud-based solutions.

Information Security

Daily use of Internet infrastructure as part of business activity increases the business’ efficiency, but also exposes it to threats. We advise and implement organizational information security solutions and help increase employee awareness.

Software Consultation and Licensing and Hardware Sales

As business partners of the biggest software and hardware companies, we have the ability to match the required software and hardware for the organization’s complete computerized needs. We can tailor the right licensing for the organization, decreasing annual expenses.

Consultation and Integration

When an organization faces a need for technological solutions, we at Oriental have the knowledge and tools to help them, from the planning stage through matching them with the right solution and implementing it, while integrating with other factors and continuously operating and maintaining the solution throughout.

Expert Services

We provide our clients with professionals in various fields, according to organizational needs: project managers, System, Help Desk, information security and cloud computing experts. The expert services are part of our flexible service packages.


Management of the organization’s complete IT services by Oriental’s experts. The service allows the client to focus on their company’s business activity in order to advance and reach their business goals through maximal flexibility.

Our Clients

For more details about our services or collaborations on future projects, e-mail us at oferw@oriental.co.il