Oriental Computer Systems

Oriental Computing Systems is a Leading Company in IT Solutions for Businesses and Organizations

We provide professional solutions at the highest level, based on LINUX and Microsoft platforms. The company employs network managers and technological experts of the highest caliber and provide a wide range of solutions on the technological front.

Cloud Services

Oriental implements cloud solutions using three methods: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

The business advantages of cloud services:

  • Cost and operating efficiency – reducing constant IT expenses.
  • Elasticity (Elastic Capacity) – the ability to consume services according to the needs of the organization, in an ever-changing environment.
  • Organizational innovation – advancing towards the newest solutions without having to invest in computerized infrastructure.
  • Examining technologies and projects while sustaining existing infrastructure.
  • Global reach – the ability to quickly and efficiently to manage a globalized computing array.

Oriental is a certified partner of leading companies in cloud technology, and is experienced in implementing versatile computerized cloud services.

Our Partners

Information Security

Daily use of Internet infrastructure as part of business activity increases the business’ efficiency, but also exposes it to threats.

There has been an increase of 600% in cybercrime over the last year, compared to the previous year.

The organization’s IT activity must be based on correct and advanced information security principles across all organizational computerized systems.

Oriental advises and implements multi-layered organizational information security solutions across all components of the organization’s computerized array, and helps increase employee awareness of existing dangers.

Software Consultation and Licensing and Hardware Sales

As business partners of the largest software and hardware companies, we at Oriental have the ability to match the required software and hardware for the organization’s total computerized needs.

Software certification has become a complex issue, and as a certified factor in the field of certification, we can examine and tailor the right licensing for the organization, decreasing annual organizational expenses.

Our Partners

Consultation and Integration

When an organization is in need of technological solutions, we at Oriental have the knowledge and tools to help them, from the planning stage through matching them with the right solution and implementing it, while integrating with other factors and continuously operating and maintaining the solution throughout.

Choosing the correct technological solution can have significant financial impact on a business, so incorporating an experienced factor in doing so could prove to be critical.

Expert Services

Oriental’s team of expert services allow us to provide our clients with professionals in various fields of the IT world, according to organizational needs: project managers, System, Help Desk, information security and cloud computing experts. These expert services are part of our flexible, available and unique service packages that include collaboration with the various expertise centers at Oriental. 


Management of the organization’s complete IT services by Oriental’s experts. The service allows the client to focus on their company’s business activity in order to advance and reach their business goals.

Our activity includes:

  • Managing the organization’s computer network
  • Operating and maintaining the computer network, with all its components.
  • Implementing improvements and changes in the existing system
  • Operating user support centers
  • Managing sub-providers and aiding in hardware purchases

All services and scope are tailor-made for each organization, according to organizational structure and level of IT activity.

Oriental offers a range of flexible solutions in order to customize the service to the client’s permanent or changing needs, such as:

Full-time or part-time manpower, appropriating employees for time-sensitive projects, backup for permanent network managers in case of leave or absence, etc.